State of the art machinery for a wide range of applications

Our multi-blanking and slitting capabilities in addition to our tension leveling capabilities allow us to provide some of the flattest steel in the industry.





Our coil processing equipment is some of the best in the industry. Redbud Industries was quoted saying our Multi-blanking line is the "most capable" line they have ever manufactured. Flatness and quality is guaranteed off of our equipment.

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With extensive warehouse space for storage available throughout the United States, Opus Metals is able to store products for toll processing, set up stocking programs for contract customers which cuts down on lead time, and also speeds up deliveries. Our warehouse space is also temperature & humidity controlled.

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Through our strategic alliances and dedicated carriers, we are able to serve clients nationwide. With JIT deliveries, we are capable of both barge shipments and rail shipments, in addition to our flatbed and van services. Whether you are a smaller job shop, or a large corporation with numerous locations across the country, we have the capacity to deliver our products to you when you need them.

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Our Steel Processing Capabilities

With a wide range of processing capabilities, Opus Metals produces some of the flattest and highest quality material available in the market.

Tension Leveling

The process of pulling the steel beyond its yield point to make the product flat, the tension leveling process is a combination of elongating the strip and bending the fibers over a series of work rolls. Tension leveling eliminates edge wave & center buckle while also correcting excessive crossbow and coil sets. Opus Metals is capable of a wide variety of tension leveling.


We have state of the art slitters throughout our company capable of processing many different flat rolled metal products. In our Grand Rapids facility we have a 74” Herr-Voss Strand Extensioner which produces the highest quality slit coil available.


We have state of the art Cut-To-Length lines throughout our company that are capable of processing up to .25” thick at 72” wide. These facilities are also capable of processing most flat rolled steel products.

Multi Blanking

We have a Red Bud Precision Multi-Blanking Line with a Stretcher Leveler. Capable of processing up to .135” x 72” at coil weights of up to 70,000 lbs. This line is used to process automotive exposed, stainless and aluminum. With the main focus being exposed applications.

Storage & Logistics

Opus Metal’s mission is to continually improve quality levels and processing efficiency to insure complete customer satisfaction 100% of the time.